Our projects are focused on improving food security and economic empowerment of the vulnerable communities in East Africa.

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To support and partner with vulnerable communities towards food security and poverty alleviation.

About Us

FocusWise is a Kenyan registered community based organization involved in the promotion of improved varieties of cassava to fight hunger and poverty in vulnerable communities.


Empowered communities living a productive life in dignity.
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Michael Murigi Selected as Queen’s Young Leader

Michael Murigi was selected as a Queen’s Young Leader for his efforts towards fighting hunger and poverty in rural Kenya through farming of improved cassava.

Michael is thankful to Comic Relief for the Legacy Fund grant and sees this as a great opportunity for FocusWise SHG, the organisation he leads, to expand its impact among vulnerable communities and contribute towards the attainment of Sustainable Development Goals 1 and 2 on eliminating extreme poverty and hunger!

Read Michael’s journey on Daily Nation’s website:




Our Core Values

Our organizational values and aspirations underpin every aspect of our work, ensuring that we approach developmental challenges facing vulnerable communities in Kenya with commitment, fairness, flexibility and above all with integrity. In living true to our Vision and Mission, we are guided by the following four practical values:


We remain committed to our Vision, Mission, and our partners and to the process of empowering marginalized communities to live better their lives. We will strive to deliver change and transformation at all levels of society.


We believe that all human beings are equal under the law and deserve the opportunity to live a productive life and to feel safe and secure; and to participate in the life of the nation.



We are flexible in the way we work- applying our methods, tools and approaches as the context demands and adapting to the changing demands and needs of our partners.


We will ensure that our work is of the highest standard, and that we behave ethically at all times. We will utilize the resources entrusted to us responsibly and efficiently. We will remain accountable to our partners, communities and benefactors.



Help us fight hunger and extreme poverty.

Our promise is to remain accountable for the resources entrusted to us, working with national governments, county governments and communities to achieve sustainable development in Kenya and East Africa.

If you would like to find out more about our programs or explore potential partnership, kindly do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Please use the contact form to connect with us or email us directly via info@focusoncassava.org.


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Michael Murigi - Focuswise SHG

Why Focus on Cassava?

Apart from needing minimal moisture to flourish, cassava also successfully grows in marginal soils where other crops would not perform well. This ability to grow in poor soils and under dry conditions makes cassava a much better answer to food insecurity than maize and beans. Unlike other crops, cassava farming is cost-effective as it doesn’t require fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.